Seven Sanity-Saving Principles for Parenting Young Adults

This unique workshop is designed for parents of young adults (ages 18-30) in the Kansas City area who want to grow in their relationship with their adult kids.

Once a parent, always a parent. And when our kids become adults, we don’t love them less or care less intensely about their wellbeing. When they transition into adulthood, it can feel like we are turning over a masterpiece in the making, which we have lovingly crafted for over eighteen years, to a new budding artist, who may not be ready for the job or fully realize its importance.

  • So, how do we balance our concern for our adult children with their need to be independent?
  • How do we help them without enabling or short-circuiting the learning process?
  • What accountability should there be if they are still financially dependent or living with us?
  • How do we get off to the right start with their spouses and significant others?
  • What if our kids reject our faith or adopt a different lifestyle or beliefs?
  • What if they have addictions or are in trouble with the law?
  • What if they aren’t actually leaving home or motivated to move forward in life?
  • When should we step in and when should we give them space?

Whether your kid’s launch is feeling more like the gentle ascent of a hot air balloon, the sudden explosion of a rocket, or the erratic flight of a kite on a windless day, it always involves an adjustment!

Many parents express that parenting adult children is the hardest parenting yet—and especially the transition. How we manage this transition can make all the difference.

Whether you have a great relationship with your kids and want to make it even better, or you are facing huge challenges, or somewhere in between—grab a friend or come meet some new friends, and experience the camaraderie and support of joining with other parents to tackle the tough challenges of parenting young adults in today’s culture.

The workshop will be presented by Teresa Vining, a Kansas City area Christian life and family coach, author, and speaker. She brings a wealth of hands-on experience as the mom of four grown children and a 20-year foster-parent veteran of over 50 kids. She has published two books, as well as numerous articles in publications such as Focus on the Family, Marriage Partnership, and Today’s Christian Woman.

So, if you are the parent of a young adult or soon will be, come join us as we share our experiences, support each other, and learn seven sanity-saving principles to help navigate these transition years.

(Light refreshments will be served.)

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