The 7 Essential Building Blocks for the Tween & Teen Years & Beyond

Raising tweens and teens can be daunting. These years involve some of our biggest parenting challenges—but also some of our biggest parenting opportunities!

No guarantees exist in parenting, but the relationship we build with our kids during these pivotal years has a huge impact on being able to navigate the challenges and reach the possibilities.

This one-hour, interactive video training and included workbook, specifically designed for Christian parents, will give you an easy-to-remember blueprint to set you up for success in–

    • nurturing a close relationship with your tweens and teens that will be strong enough to sustain you through the inevitable challenges during these years and prepare for the best relationship possible in their adulthood
    •  helping your kids develop a strong faith and be motivated and equipped to make good decisions
    • enjoying these years with your kids and having a more peaceful, loving home
    • clarifying your parenting priorities so you can make decisions as a parent with confidence
    • experiencing joy in your parenting and being able to respond with grace regardless of the circumstances.

Whether you have a great relationship with your kids and want to make it even better or you are facing huge challenges, this video will help you tackle the tough parenting challenges of raising today’s tweens and teens.