7 Building Blocks for the Tween & Teen Years & Beyond

Video Workshop

Welcome! I’m excited that you are taking this time to spend with me today for this video workshop!

This workshop will last about an hour and will cover a wide variety of information to help support you in parenting your tweens and teens. So, don’t forget to download the workbook, which provides notes and exercises to help you apply the material to your specific family situation.

To receive the most benefit, give yourself the gift of unhurried time as you watch the video and complete the questions and exercises as you go. Push pause when you need to or even watch one building block at a time–whatever works best for you! I have put the video approximate time stamps in the workbook, so that you can easily find your place again.

My hope is that you will come away with lots of ideas and inspiration for building close relationships with your tweens and teens and helping them grow into happy, spiritually-healthy, loving, responsible adults!


Do you have some questions or would you like to speak to me about your specific family situation?

The challenge in a workshop like this is thatalthough we can cover important parenting principleswe can’t take that next step to talk about how to best apply those principles to the specific parenting priorities and challenges that you have right now. 

I love being able to help parents explore what strategies that would work best in their specific family situations and create a plan with them to help empower them in their parenting and their relationships with their kids! 

So, after watching this video, I invite you to schedule a complimentary one-on-one 30-minute parent strategy call with me to discuss any questions you might have and help you put together some detailed next steps and strategies for your specific family situation.